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ANAT 261 Lecture Notes - Arteriole

Anatomy & Cell Biology
Course Code
ANAT 261
Jason Young

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Lab 6 – Circulatory System
Components of Blood Vessels
-endothelium: lines the luminal surface of all blood vessels
osimple squamous
oruns longitudinally (along axis of vessel)
oin cross section will also appear in cross
-smooth muscle: runs circularly (perpendicular to endothelial cells)
-internal elastic limiting membrane: looks wavy
onone in veins
odistinguishing factor of muscular arteries
- layers of tissue (from lumen outwards):
otunica intima
otunica media
otunica adventitia (connective tissue)
OVERVIEW: General plan (from lumen outwards)
Intima Endothelium
Internal Elastic Limiting Membrane
Media Smooth muscle
Collagen type III (reticular fibres)
Elastic fibres (in elastic arteries)
Adventitia [Dense irregular CT]
Collagen type I (normal CT)
Vasa vasorum (collection of blood
Vasa nervosum (collection of nerves)
Elastic Arteries
- e.g. aorta and common carotid
- very large diameter (will only see part of artery in a section)
-intima (subdivided into 3 layers):
oendothelium: one layer of simple squamous epithelium
osub-endothelial layer: extracellular matrix and connective
oIELM: first visible elastic membrane, but not particularly distinct in
the lab
- media:
olarge layer of alternating smooth muscle layers and elastic
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