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ANAT 261 Lecture Notes - Brush Border

Anatomy & Cell Biology
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ANAT 261
Jason Young

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Lab 9 – Digestive System
Zones of the Stomach
1. Cardia : ~1 cm just below the lower esophageal (cardiac) sphincter
2. Fundus : at the upper curvature of the stomach
3. Body : main central region
4. Pylorus : ~4 cm before the pyloric sphincter
*Gastric region = fundus and body
Mucosa **Simple columnar epithelium with surface mucous cells
Has pits & glands
Lamina propria = loose irregular CT
Muscularis mucosa = 2 layers of smooth muscle
- Inner circular
- Outer longitudinal
Submucosa Dense irregular CT
No glands!
3 layers of smooth muscle
- inner oblique
- middle circular
- outer longitudinal
Serosa Loose CT with many adipocytes (thin layer)
Covered by a mesothelium (simple squamous epithelium)
Pyloric region
-Pit : gland = 2:1
- Lamina propria is found between pits & glands
-Surface mucous cells line pits
oHave dark, basal nuclei & top of cells are pale
ofilled with mucous
Gastric region
-Pit: gland = 1:4
**Glands subdivided into 2 regions: neck and base
Neck mucous cells – pyramidal; secrete less mucous than surface
mucous cells
Parietal cells
- Round with round nuclei
- Look like fried eggs
- Make HCl
Chief/Zymogenic cells (instead of mucous cells)
- Pyramidal in shape
- Basophilic basal nuclei
- Apex has zymogenic granules (slightly eosinophilic) that
contain digestive enzymes (pepsin and lipases)
Small Intestine
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