ANAT 261 Lecture Notes - Neuroglia, Schwann Cell

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Lab 12 – Nervous System
Spinal Cord
- Gray matter : in the middle
oContains: glial cells, unmyelinated axons, cell bodies and dendrites
oMotor neurons are large and contain Nissel bodies
Have large nuclei with distinct nucleolus
Nissel bodies = basophilic (dark purple), contain rough ER +
RNA; are present only in cell body or dendrite, NOT IN AXON
oGlial cells appear a lot smaller with very round nucleus
Only present for support and nourishment
Oligodendrocytes: also produce myelin in CNS
- White matter : peripheral
oContains: glial cells & myelinated axons
oNO cell bodies
oAxons are seen in both longitudinal and cross section
In cross, they are surrounded by white myelin (not so in gray
Axons appear eosinphilic
- Ependymal/central canal : canal in the middle of the spinal cord for
cerebrospinal fluid
- White matter is central, while gray matter is peripheral
- Gray matter is subdivided into three layers:
oMolecular layer (Most superficial)
Contains fibers and neuronal cells
oPurkinje layer (Middle layer)
Contains Purkinje cells (large multipolar neurons)
They send their axons into granular level and dendrite into
**Think doctor MD for Molecular/Dendrite
NO Nissel Bodies
oGranular layer (Deepest)
Contains mainly glial cells, which appear like granules
Peripheral Nerves
-Endoneurium: reticular fibers around each nerve fiber
-Perineurium: flattened epithelial cells that surround a bundle of axons
-Epineurium: dense irregular CT that surrounds entire nerves (several bundles)
- Within a bundle of neurons, Schwann cells can be seen
oSmall purple nuclei near the periphery of a myelinated axon
- Gray matter is peripheral, white matter is central
-Pyramidal cells: found deep in gray matter; multipolar neuron, with very few
or no Nissel bodies!
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