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Anatomy & Cell Biology
ANAT 261
Jason Young

Hard to remember things for ANAT 261 definitely not allinclusive Cellular Junctions and their proteinsZonula Occludens Tight JunctionOccludin Claudin MembraneZO1 actin cytoplasmZonula Adherens intermediate junctionaactinin vinculin cytoplasmCadherins intercellular spaceMacula Adherens desmosomeDesmocollin desmoglein intercellular space 25nmDesmoplakins I and II plakoglobin desmocalminIntermediate filamentsHemidesmosomePlaque BP 200a6 Integrin B4 Integrin BP 180 Transmembrane proteinsTonofilamentsVII collagenGap junctionCoupled connexons made of 6 connexinsBasement MembraneLaminin links epithelium and BM Entactin Fibronectin binds PM of cells to heparan sulfate made by fibrocytesCollagen produced by epithelial cellsPAS stain can be used to see modifies the aldehydesCytoskeletonMicrofilaments actinsIntermediate filaments cytokeratin vimentin desmin neurofilamentsMicrotubules Cilias basal bodies centriols Asstd proteins kinesin dynein Connective TissueMesenchymal cellfibrocytefibrocyteGround substanceWater stabilized by glycosaminoglycans ve hold water proteoglycans 5050 core of protein with SO4 GAGs glycoproteins fibronectin 10 sugar 90 protein globular proteins with attached sugarFiberCollagenElasticCollagen FibersType IDermis Tendon Bone DentinType IIHyaline CartilageType IIIReticular fiberType IVBMType VFetal
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