ANAT 261 Lecture Notes - Heparan Sulfate, Nidogen-1, Vinculin

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Hard to remember things for ANAT 261, definitely not all-inclusive.
Cellular Junctions and their proteins
Zonula Occludens (Tight Junction)
Occludin, Claudin (Membrane)
ZO-1, actin (cytoplasm)
Zonula Adherens (intermediate junction)
a-actinin, vinculin (cytoplasm)
Cadherins (intercellular space)
Macula Adherens (desmosome)
Desmocollin, desmoglein (intercellular space 25nm)
Desmoplakins I and II, plakoglobin, desmocalmin.
Intermediate filaments
Plaque (BP 200)
a6 Integrin, B4 Integrin, BP 180 (Transmembrane proteins)
VII collagen
Gap junction
Coupled connexons, made of 6 connexins.
Basement Membrane
Laminin (links epithelium and BM), Entactin, Fibronectin (binds PM of cells to heparan
sulfate made by fibrocytes)
Collagen produced by epithelial cells.
PAS stain can be used to see, modifies the aldehydes.
Microfilaments (actins)
Intermediate filaments (cytokeratin, vimentin, desmin, neurofilaments)
Microtubules (Cilias, basal bodies, centriols) Asstd proteins: kinesin, dynein.
Connective Tissue
Mesenchymal cell -> fibrocyte -> fibrocyte
Ground substance
Water stabilized by glycosaminoglycans (-ve, hold water), proteoglycans (50-
50, core of protein with SO4 GAGs), glycoproteins (fibronectin, 10% sugar, 90%
protein, globular proteins with attached sugar).
Collagen Fibers
Type I - Dermis, Tendon, Bone, Dentin
Type II - Hyaline Cartilage
Type III - Reticular fiber
Type IV - BM
Type V - Fetal
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VII Hemidesmosome.
Collagen Synthesis
a1 and a2
RER turns into procollagen which is triple helix.
Golgi packs
Bands are caused by overlapping of tropocollagen
Skin and Hair follicle
Keratohyalin granules basophilic.
Tricohyalin granules acidophilic.
Fibers: Type II collagen
Ground: proteoglycans (keratan SO4, chondroitin SO4). Glycoproteins (Chondronectin)
Articular cartilage at end of bone has no perichondrium
Z-line : a-actinin
M-line: creatine kinase
Intercalated disk made up of ZA, has a-actinin.
Periosteum has fibrous and osteogenic layer.
Blood vessels
Reticular fibers, type III collagen
Angiotensin I to angiotensin II
Inactivate Bradykinin, neurotransmitters
Produce Endothelin (VC) NO (VD)
Ciliated cell
Basal bodies
Cilia made of 9 pairs of microtubules and 1 central pair (axoneme), dynein arms
can move it
Trachea, intrapulmonary bronchus, regular bronchiole (no goblet), terminal bronchiole
(ciliated and clara), respiratory bronchiole (clara), alveolar duct (knobs of clara), alveolar
sac (pneumocyte II in corner, surfactant, pneumocyte I squamous)
mucous and serous glands
Diffuse neuroendocrine system cells, epinephrine and serotonin.
Oral Cavity
Salivary glands
Carbs, amylase, lysozyme, IgA, lactoferrin.
Striated bigger, cuboidal to columnar. Striations eosinophilic from mito
and infoldings.
Collecting ducts are interlobular. Others are intralobular.
Amylase, lysozyme, lactoferrin, H2O, zymogenic granules. Thinner
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