ANAT 261 Lecture Notes - Schwann Cell, Microvillus, Silver Nitrate

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Naveen Sooknanan McGill Fall 2011
Oral Cavity:
The digestive system consists of the digestive tract and associated glands:
The digestive tract is composed of
o Oral cavity
o Pharinge (we won’t look at this)
o Esophagus
o Stomach
o Small and Large Intestines
o Rectum (we won’t look at this)
The associated glands are:
o The salivary glands
o Liver
o Pancreas
The function of the system is obtain from ingested foor
metabolites and energy required for growth
Before being stored or used as energy, food must be
broken down into small molecules by digestion
These molecules are then easily absorbed through the
lining of the digestive tract
The first step of digestion occurs in the mouth, where food is moistened by saliva and ground by
Saliva also initiates digestion of carbohydrates
The oral cavity is lined with a nonkeratinized stratified squamous epithelium and underneath is a
lamina propria made of loose CT
The lamina propria is continuous with the submucosa, which is a layer of dense irreg. CT
and salivary glands
The lips transition from a keratinized (outside) to nonkeratinized (inside) epithelium
The gingiva is made of a parakeratinized epithelium while the skin, including the lips is
an orthokeratininzed epithelium
o Orthokeratin, which we just referred
to as keratin before, is very dry, like in
the skin
o Parakeratin, like in the gingiva, is
tough, but it’s wet and there’s no
peeling off. The top of the epithelium
has a bell structure
The epithelium in the gingiva
needs to be tough to stand up
to the constant abrasion of
The oral mucosa epithelium is a little different from the skin epithelium:
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