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Anatomy & Cell Biology
ANAT 261
Craig Mandato

Naveen SooknananMcGill Fall 2011Esophagus and StomachBefore we discuss the Esophagus in particular it would be useful to make a general plan of the digestive tract starting with the esophagus and ending in the large intestinesThe mucosa is made of three layers o The epithelium the cell makeup changes depending on the structure o The lamina propria is made of loose irreg CT o The muscularis mucosae is made of 2 layers of SMCsThe inner layer is circumferential and the outer layer runs in parallel with the organ Cutting a cross section of the organ the inner layer will be in long section and the outer layer in cross sectionThis layer can vary in thicknessThe submucosa is either loose or dense irreg CT which can vary in thickness depending on the organThe muscularis not muscularis mucosa is another layer contains 2 sublayers of SMCs o There is an inner circular and outer longitudinal layer just like the MM muscularis mucosae rdo The stomach also contains a 3 layer which is obliqueThe last layer is the serosa or the adventitia which is dense irreg CT aw alwaysNote that just like in any other system we studied these components are not present everywhereThe esophagus is the first component of the digestive tract we will look at after the oral cavity we wont discuss the pharynxMucosa o The epithelium is a nonkeratinized squamous stratified epitheliumThis allows for the esophagus to be wet allowing food to slide down easily o The lamina propria is loose CT o The muscularis mucosa is only ONE layer of longitudinal SMCsThis layer varies in thickness depending on how far down you goThe muscularis is the most dense in the esophagus in comparison to the entire digestive tractSubmucosa o Dense irreg CT 1
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