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Anatomy & Cell Biology
ANAT 262
John Presley

1989: Rothman - cargo was thought to be moved through the Golgi via COPI vesicles - problem: when using immunogold it showed that the vesicles did contain Golgi en- zymes like MannosidaseII but did not contain cargo proteins - so cargo must move in mature cisterna stacks (cisternal maturation) - thought that vesicles containing the G protein (cargo) were being moved towards the enzymes but this is wrong...really the enzymes can move to the cargo Algal scales suggested evidence for cisternal maturation because they were too large for vesicles - electron microscope showed more evidence of cisternal maturation because proteins were not shown to be spread across all cisterna (which would have supported vesicle travel) - new problem: how do enzymes always stay in the right place if cisternae can move? - vesicles move enzymes back one cisterna at a time - or, enzymes move around randomly and self organize due to different cisterna having different affinities for certain substrates (enzymes) Enzymes may be able to diffuse between tubular connections, which implies that COPI coats are important for recycling of proteins from the Golgi to the ER but NOT for intra- Golgi trafficking
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