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Anatomy & Cell Biology
ANAT 262
John Presley

Golgi Apparatus items enter from ER on the cisGolgi next is the medial Golgi and then transGolgi also called TGNtrans Golgi networkincreases in acidity towards the trans Golgi trans65 pHvarious Golgi enzymes are localized to different compartments of the Golgicisternae are detaching and peeling off the TGNstacks consist of layered cisternae like stack of pancakesGolgi enzymes most notably those that modify Nlinked oligosaccharides are localized sharply to particular regions of the GolgiStacks are arranged in long ribbons with disorganized areas between the stacksFunctions of the Golgi1Sequential modifications of Nlinked oligosaccharidesglucose is trimmed off in ER and sugars are added in the Golgi ends with negative charge different enzymes must work in sequence in the Golgifunctions occur at different places in the ER2Olinked glycosylation and Proteoglycan glycosylationNacetylgalactosamine linked to serine often just before glycine or to threonine gets sugars added to it in the Golgiin proteoglycans this can continue until there is a chain of 100 repeating saccharide units these can be further modified by sulphationsecreted proteoglycans form a large portion of extracellular matrix
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