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ANTH 202
Eduardo Kohn

Multiple choice exam Which of the following points did Margaret Mead make in her introduction of “Coming of Age in Samoa?” A. We can us anthropology to better educate children B. It is easier to study primitive cultures because their societies are less complex C. Homosexuality and heterosexuality are products of culture D. A and B E. A and C Riddle of the Sphinx  Question is sometimes more important than the answer  Also tries to get you to think about humans also taking animal form Webs of Significance  Clifford Geertz “The Balinese Cockfight” participate in this and police come and they all run away and they kind of become part of the group, people in the area start including and talking to them  Think about what Dr. Kohn talked about as far as what the significance of running away was, what changed their relationship to the people of the village  His definition of culture is webs of significance  Kinship, religion, etc- intricate web that affects how you are as an individual The Mindful Body  Margarate Locke, Nacy Shepard Hughes, The problem with twos  Locke and shepard Hughes question the mind and body by doing cultural relativism, they realize that this division is not natural and is specific to our own culture, “I think therefore I am”  Relates to medicine- diseases from the mind and body are separated, when the body dies then the mind dies  Cartesian dualism, cultural relativism  Paradox of this approach is they critique mind and body but are stuck in nature and culture dualism Indexicality, relationship between biology and symbolic  Indexical relationship: smoke signifying fire, collection of things that come together to mean something  Symbolic thought- system of symbols, basic iconic indexical relationships  Biology and semiotics- semiotics (study of meaning- relationship between signs) relationships exist in the biological world  Symbolic is exclusively human, semiotics isn’t  Symbols require icons and indexes  Iconic thought does not require symbolic thought  Idea of thinking in pictures o We can step out of the symbolic, we consider other ways of thinking Uncanny Valley/Speculative Fabulation Speculative Fabulation: science fiction assignment, Horace Miner “Nacirema”  Making the strange familiar, the familiar strange Thinking with pictures  Iconic thinking, autistic woman (normal people think with words but she would think of a picture), by this way of thinking she is able to get a grasp of specific details that we cannot Uncanny Valley: strange youtube videos, the hand thing, and weird robots  When there’s something that resembles a human but isn’t quite, we feel uncomfortable and revulsion, the valley is the in between  Death and mortality  The hand thing, obsessive behaviors, savage mind that isn’t quite conscious reasoning, human reasoning, something else that is also like humans but not so we feel confused and revolted British vs. American anthropology  American anthro, Boas (STUDY HIM) race, skull measurements, to counter arguments people were making about race, no, its the environment, language- why for so long people thought languages didn’t make sense or weren’t grammatical (because different speakers spoke different ways), concept of culture  British anthro Malinowski (STUDY HIM)(multiple questions), social and structural anthro, weren’t concerned with culture for a while, order and explaining why and how society works, something important about what’s not said Globalization  Recent phenomenon vs. it’s been going on a long time  Trans nationalism- signifies relations between economies  Sushi article- emphasizes
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