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How Humans Evolved Textbook Notes: Part 4 Evolution and Modern Humans Chapter 14, 15

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ANTH 203
Michael Bisson

Part 4 Evolution and Modern Humans Chapter 14Human Genetic VariationExplaining Human Variation Human vary in numerous wayso Language culture fashion technology architecture etcScientists distinguish 2 sources of human variation genetic and environmental o Genetic variation refers to the differences between individuals that are caused by the genes that they inherited from their parents o Environmental variation refers to the differences between individuals caused by environment factors climate habitat on the organisms phenotypesCulture is an important source of environmental variationIt is difficult to determine the relative importance of genetic and environmental influences for particular phenotypic traits o Both genetic transmission and shared environments cause parents and offspring to be similarGenetic variation is governed by the processes of organic evolution mutation drift and selectionIt is important to distinguish variation within human groups from variation among human groups o Variation within groups refers to differences between individuals within a given group of people ex height between two basketball players o Variation among groups refers to the differences between entire groups of people ex height between basketball players and soccer playersVariation in Traits Influenced by Single Genes By establishing the connection between particular DNA sequences and specific traits scientists have shown that variation in some traits is geneticWe can prove that traits are controlled by genes at a single genetic locus by showing that their patterns of inheritance conform to Mendels principlesCauses of Genetic Variation within Groups Mutation can maintain deleterious genes in populations but only at a low frequencyMany diseases are caused by recessive genes o Natural selection steadily removes such genes but they are constantly being reintroduced by mutation
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