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Lecture 12

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Michael Bisson

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Miocene Apes Miocene 23-5.3 MYA Apes are more common than monkeys in Lower and Middle Miocene Apes evolved in Africa Climate Much warmer and wetter than today Widespread tropical forests Ideal ape habitat Earliest apes are differentiated from monkeys by having the ape dental pattern Lower Miocene Dryopithecines European = Dryopithecus African = Proconsulids Proconsul = first with ape features Walked around like monkeys Best site = Rusinga island (Kenya) Proconsul africanus 18 MYA Best documented ape Enlarged cerebrum compared to monkeys Little muscles Perfect ape dental pattern Arm/leg lengths are roughly the same No tails First brachiator Morotopithecus Uganda 20 MYA 3 groups Sivapithecines Ancestor of orang-utans Gigantopithecines Extinct giant Asian ape Equivalent of panda! Oreopithecines Bundle of African/European apes Some possible ancestors of the human line Hominin vs Hominoid Hominins Bipedal Earliest trait to appear 4.4 MYA at least Theory on the origins 1. Freed hands for increased tool use
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