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Lecture 20

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ANTH 203
Michael Bisson

Archaic Homo Sapiens and Neanderthal Man Homo Sapiens 400,000-200,000 BP Bridge between Homo erectus and Modern Homo Sapiens Very muscular Lot of variability within species Homo erectus features Low forehead Elongated skull Large flattened nuchal plane Brain size vary from 1200 cc to 1500c Atapuerca fossils seem to indicate that some of the skeletal robusticity differences are the result of male/female dimorphism Neanderthal Lumpers classify it as Homo sapiens neanderthalensis Sub-species of Homo sapiens Splitter classify it as Homo neanderthalensis Separate species from Homo sapiens Rejection as an ancestor because too "ape-like" Marcelling Boule Used an old arthritic male skeleton as typical Neanderthal False impression of stoop-shouldered, stupid, uncoordinated species Post cranial features + explanations Muscular, powerful bodies Bone density x2 as modern levels Short, stocky stature with shorter distal extremities Heat retention Large joint surfaces H
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