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ANTH 204
Jerome Rousseau

Reading Notes 3/19/2013 7:56:00 PM Reading #7 The Frame of Unquestioned Constructs – A. Schutz  Knowledge o Small part from personal experience o Majority socially derived  Friends, family, teachers…  Taught to define environment  Taught how typical constructs were created to fit in with a system of relevances accepted by the unified point of view of the in group o Ex. Ways of life o Ex. Methods of coming to terms with the environment o Ex. Typical means for bringing about typical ends in typical situations o Transmitted by vocabulary and syntax of everyday LANGUAGE  Vernacular of everyday life o Language of named things and events  If something is significant, there is a separate term created to represent it  Rational action o Action within an unquestioned and undetermined frame of constructs of the typicalities of the setting, motives, means and ends, courses of action and personalities involved/taken for granted  Not just taken for granted by actor, but also by the other person in the situation o Actions are partially rational and that rationality has many degrees o The more standardized the prevailing action pattern is, the more anonymous it is, the greater subjectivity to conformity  Paradox of rationality on common-sense level o The more standardized the pattern is, the less the underlying elements become analyzable for common-sense thought in terms of rational insight  3 outlines of major features of constructs with common sense o 1. Structurally socialized  Reciprocity of perspectives  If I were to change places with someone else, I would experience the same events in the same perspective as him  biological circumstances becoming irrelevant o 2. Genetically socialized  greater part of knowledge socially derived and socially approved o 3. Socialized in the sense of social distribution of knowledge  we each know one sector of the world and common knowledge of that sector varies with individuals o this is the functional structural approach to studies of human affairs  Functionalism o Socially distributed constructs of patterns of typical motives  Suppose to be invariant and are interpreted as the function or structure of the social system o The more interlocked behavior patterns are standardized, the more their typicality is socially approved by laws, the greater is their usefulness in common sense and scientific thinking  Verstehen o Constructs involved in common sense experience of the intersubjective world in daily life  Major problems o Common sense constructs refer to subjective elements of the actor’s action from his point of view o Therefore the scientific constructs must reference the subjective meaning an action has for the actor o Max Weber – postulate of subjective interpretation  Theory of formation of socia
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