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ANTH 206
Peter Rudiak- Gould

Foraging Living off of wild plants and animals Hunting and gathering Original human lifestyle Requires nomadism and small group sizes Value placed on mobility Few material possessions Most hunting usually done by men; most gathering done by women Even foraging involves actively managing and influencing the environment Fire-stick farming Burning lands to make them grow better and more Today Amazon, Congo, Southern Africa, Borneo, Northern Canada.... Drastic decline "Backward" people Agriculture against leisure Lack of contribution to country's economy Bureaucratic hassle of nomadism Encroachment by logging/ranches/dams/protected areas Relocation to marginal lands (desert, tundra, rainforest) Renaissance Dumpster divers Freelance workers Advantages More varied diet Better health Environmentally benign (usually) Conductive to egalitarianism and sharing Primitive communism Only items like tools or weapons can be owned Small number of working hours Disadvantages Vulnerability to neighbouring pastoral/agricultural societies Possible starvation conditions Mobility leads to infanticide and geronticide High rates of violence Lack of centralized authority Tukano - Cosmology e.g. Makuna people Hunting is the central concept of the cosmology Cosmology Theory of reality Eco-cosmology Integral models of human-nature relatedness Exchange To give, to receive, to reciprocate Key
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