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What Environmentalism Is and Why It Arose.pdf

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ANTH 206
Peter Rudiak- Gould

Slavoj Zizek Problems with environmentalism We cannot imagine huge catastrophes and thus cannot prevent them Environmentalists say we can't keep pushing the limits but we seem to can If you love environment, you should love everything of it, including trash Diversity in Western Environmentalism Non-environmentalist Resourcism The world exists for us to use it The environment is subordinate Reform environmentalist Use nature as a resource, but lightly so it can be sustainable Green capitalism Human-environment interdependence Radical environmentalist Deep ecology Nature has values in itself We should preserve it and protect it Others Environmental justice Ecofeminism Eco-indigenism Agree on same assumptions 1. Something called nature/environment 2. Nature has value 3. Human beings are harming nature 4. We must stop this by speaking for nature May also include 1. Nature is beautiful 2. Nature is a place of solace 3. Nature needs our protection 4. Nature is better when there is a greater variety of species 5. Humans destroy nature when they touch it Human influence is always negative 6. Nature is naturally balanced Why the Rise Realist approach A rational response to real changes in the environment that have recently occurred Nature is t
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