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McGill University
ANTH 206
Peter Rudiak- Gould

TEK Knowledge of the local ecology Can fail in other environments Developed over many generations Ethnoscience Possessed by local people Orally transmitted Not just conscious, explicit knowledge e.g. Tukano's herbal contraceptive e.g. Guinea, how to make forests e.g. Tikopia, how to mimic the rainforest ecology e.g. Slash-and-burn farming Agriculturists seem to have more knowledge than hunters-gatherers Development First generation Unfamiliar land Experimentation Trial and error Environmental damage e.g. Pigs on Tikopia Fifth generation Extensive knowledge has been amassed People gained sense of attachment to the land Beneficial practices = traditions People forget why they do the things that they do Fiftieth generation Traditions = sacred A belief is developed that the people have always been here Andes Ethnoclimatology Need to anticipate the rainy season Potatoes are planted at the optimum time All farmers in an area plant at the same time El Niño = late rainfall Change the weather throughout the world Pleiades predicts El Niño 65% accuracy Better than scientific forecast Marshall I
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