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ANTH 206
Peter Rudiak- Gould

Modernity Definition Reason/objectivity Removing emotions Science Secularism Numeration and measurement Technology Progress Human rights Capitalism Colonialism Nature as separated from people Nature must be taken care of Nature and culture are separated as an extension Historical Concept Pre-modern No separate nature Modern view (enlightenment) Nature is separated from humanity We can exploit nature as much as we want Post-modern No separate nature Empirical argument Culture influence nature and vice versa Ethnographic argument Nature and culture are conceived of as integrated (in many cultures) Marshallese Tibetans Ethical argument Separating culture from nature leads to emotional alienation and environmental destruction Industrialization Lack of rootedness Traveling through life like a tourist Views on Environment Sphere We are IN it Engaged Subjective Personal Integrated Globe We look at it from OUTSIDE Detached Objective Impersonal Separate Does true wilderness exist? Climate change is the mother of ALL environmental changes/problems The idea of nature is not ultimate anymore
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