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Lecture 4

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ANTH 209
Emilie Parent

New Technologies and Minority Faith Crisis Changing Fieldwork Past vs present Privileged locality and face-to-face relationships Not applicable now because of communications and networks Shifting to cyberspace Studying online communication and interaction Zoroastrians and the Internet Ancient Persian religion State religion of the Persian empire During the Muslim invasion, they fled to India Oldest monotheist religion Indo-Iranian Helen Gerth 2009 Very large diaspora, but connected through the internet Internet isn't a sacred space, but a place to discuss how to keep the faith alive The internet poses a threat to the communities When they got to India, they signed a pact that they would not try to convert anyone They are still sticking to that concept Videos BBC Mankind had to pick between Ahura Mazda or dark forces Prophet named Zoroastra Was standing in an icicle river, had his moment of revelation Simpler, purer truth: one God All of the other god
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