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Lecture 9

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McGill University
ANTH 209
Emilie Parent

Contemporary Magic and Witchcraft Neopaganism Counter cultural movements of the 1960's and 70's Youth culture Maintain belief in and connection to a higher power No priest No sacred book to follow Direct connection with the higher being Focused on the individual Personal experience of faith Magic Illusion Magick Focusing energies in order to create changes Earth-based faiths Divinities are both male and females Animals, plants, humans are all sacred Three aspects of the goddess Maiden Mother Crone Ritual Individual and group settings Four cardinal directions Natural forces, the cycle of life and death, and the power and vitality of the Gods Raising energy in order to manipulate it Wicca 1881, Britain Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn Recreated magic, Hermetic, Middle Eastern and Rosicrucian theory Today Gardner claimed coven passed down rites and rituals to him that were held secret for centuries Earth-based Gods and goddesses are venerated Nature's yearly cycle of seasons Magic is practiced Goddess as the main deity Coven = group of wiccans God vs goddess Goddess consort God of everything that is growing Season circles Life circles Masculine side of the divine Reborn at Yule (winter, around Christmas), married to the goddess at Beltane (summer solstice), and dies at Samain (Halloween), and then reborn again at Yule Balance betw
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