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Lecture 10

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ANTH 209
Emilie Parent

Witch Hunt, Now and Then In Europe First step: people going from pagan beliefs to Christianity 900-1500 Persecution of heretics 1517-1648 Reformation Witch Craze 1550-1660 Background Witchcraft was considered non-sense Believed to be false beliefs Pre-Christian beliefs still lingering Herbs and potions were still in used Charlemagne thought the killing of witches was wrong Started just after the Reformation Switzerland and Germany especially Where Christian sects fought to impose their religious views on each other Around borders and where central authority was broken down Witch Hunt Vocab Witchcraft Working against God, and for Satan Demonology The study of demons and demonic forces Inquisition The tribunal entrusted with the maintenance of Christian Orthodoxy Stereotypes Fly about at night Drinking blood Killing babies Canon Episcopi Written by a monk Acquired its fame and importance only after witch-hunting began in the 15th century Laid the foundations for a demonological tradition that interpreted all sorcery as the result of God's providence St-Thomas Aquinas Greatest theologian and philosopher of the High Middle Ages Trial of Dame Alice Kyteler Ecclesiastical court in Ireland in 1324 Milestones in the dev. of the early modern stereotype of the witch Associated with grudges against heretics Accused of using powders, herbs, and lotions in order to kill people and seduce young men Accused of sleeping with the devil also
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