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ANTH 212
Aziz Fall

APRIL 2, 2012:  Earth Day  Is organic food more sustainable?  Satcho Commune- it was based on silk, a rich textile. Silk is produced with worms in a particular type of tree. The production is based on the fact that there is a community (village) that process the silk in the factory.  How would you have something sustainable that doesn’t harm the environment and has full employment? They have created a pond in the village, and they have rice fields and sugar cane, and pork. There is another factory for sugar cane, and with the fibres they would feed the pork. With the pork, they produce fertilizers that are used for the trees. Once the shells produced by the worms are put in water, the remaining shells are given to the pork or be eaten or to the fish. Inside the pond, there is also important fertilizer that feels the plants and the pork. The rice field also could be fertilized with the same thing.  The community is using biogas, so their own waste are used in biogas fermentation, which creates methane and hydrogen, which can be used for combustion (cooking, lights). IN such a system, there is no waste and no use of chemical fertilizing. Surplus is obtained because silk is a high value manufacturing good, and full employment is achieved.  It is based on the ideas that if you help the environment, it will pay you back.  Outsourcing of pollution is happening right now through China and India  What is the utopian solution?  Venus project- the process of using cyber technology to enhance production  Are societies ready?  Vandana Shiva is an academic activist and physician, and was instrumental in saving local knowledge in India. She explains the basis of outsourcing. She explains that production is shifting towards new technology, and how India is about the process pollution coming from elsewhere, but building more of the iron that in needed to sustain our production. This happened in Europe at the time of the industrial revolution.  All of the conflicts of over-sustainability are being played out in India  “Pachamama 2011”  Pachamama is what people in South America call Mother Earth  The Venus Project- utopian project APRIL 11, 2012:  Culturalism= the erosion of our civil rights under the guise of fighting immigration  Hobbes and Marx- claim that people get together in groups and are willing to surrender certain freedoms in exchange for safety, protection. That the collective provision of safety is important (the state Leviathan).  Marx suggested that fear and social conflict are both necessary images and necessary by-products of the capitalism spirit. (in his time, it was the question of the Jews, wealthy immigrant groups- and he said this social conflict dissolves the human world into a world of atomistic and mutually hostile individuals).  This world if individuals in what we have become.  For anthropologists, people in society that anthropologists study now are faced with issues of security and insecurity, and everyone needs to understand the society in which they are living, which is often violent and dangerous.  Our world become dangerous, political and economic milieu, but why is it so important to define security as a major trend?  Normally scholars look at security and the ability to create it within the state, but the state is no longer able to really monitor the security issue. The traditionalists saw security as a military affair- intelligence with the defence of the state, with the state as the most important factor in detecting threats.  One of the new views that challenges this is coming from the inside of the security issue itself- such as the challenge of national identity which is presented by the increased presence of immigrants and minorities as a threat to security and international order.  Leading Jewish activist: “Europe has not yet learned how to be multicultural”  Islamophobia  How do people react to the collective imperialism of the triad (Japan, US, Europe) against the South.  This provokes 2 phenomenon: In the south, people will try to fight the phenomenon, or to collaborate with the phenomenon. From the south, people will try to immigrate to the north for opportunity, but this creates racist conceptions on beliefs (Islam, J
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