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Lecture- Internet Social Justice

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McGill University
ANTH 222
Ronald Niezen

completely different sense of belonging and community of how knowledge is formedpower of new media and that can be the focal point of ethnographyemerging happening in real timesome of the earliest reflections of technology and emerging mediaTardeforgotten pioneer in talking about thisrejecting or being ambivalent about the notion of society and science of sociologydidnt take society as a giventhought about ideas being communicated through networks of individuals chains of communicationthe abstract publicnot all communication is necessarily based on physical proximitydifferent from a crowd or an orator standing in front of an audiencejournalism stands between an idea and the people receiving the ideatelegraph means of transportation newspaper indigenous peoplesrights based conceptbegins with the idea of rights holders that is distinct from otherswouldnt have had the transnational influential force and dynamics if it werent for the development of new tools of communicationjust to provide basic info about them instantly gaining access to info about themgoogle search puts most common hits in prioritywikipedia then cyber school bus and significant NGOsgives one access to a new community and network of people advocating on their behalfideas of liberation of a global scale though they are based in local territories and traditional ideaspast mainstream activism NativeWiki legal instruments see what people are saying about them in the UN scanned and posted doClip Newsheavy concentration of interaction of networking through Europe and N America internet traffic holes where there is much less trafficpeople have less rights because cant communicate in the same way not member of a group with distinct rights and communicating those rightsrelationship with technology leads to disparity in access to ideas and the effect of those ideas identityGrand Council of the Creeslooks to remap terr and geography create venues for traditional knowledgemake it accessiblevirtual museum to examine culture objectsstorytelling remains hugely important to pass on factual and historical accounts connectionsbuild upon traditional knowledge and identify it as stemming from a deep historycreates connections between groups lobbying for rights that might not have occurred beforehandaboriginal rights claims and MaasaiPalestinian Grassroots AntiApartheid Wall Campaign solidarity with People of Six Nations and Indigenous people of Turtle Island in Canadasense of connection that is being facilitated through new media see the ability of people pursuing justice causes to network broadly and this has implications for anthropological methodhow far do the
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