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Lecture 17

Lecture 17 - Nov.1st

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McGill University
ANTH 227
Tobias Rees

*Block assignment 3 due nov.15th* Review + New Culture is what anthropologists study "the culture of the" Strathern notes that with Schneider, kinship is becoming a cultural way of organizing humans Other cultures don't have "kinship", why does she like that? It breaks the taken granted "everyone think of human relations in terms of kinship" It transforms British social anthro into an indigenous anthro Conception that transforms the domain of nature into a domain of culture Her book title indicates: after NATURE **If everything is culture, then even nature is not worth anything Culture requires the presence of nature What happens to culture if nature ceases? The above thinking makes our view on anthropology, nature, and culture, change What if culture was just a concept A time/plan specific way of thinking about humans What if the term culture is just ONE way of thinking about humans Culture Used to refer to agriculture Rousseau use the term for humans, they CULTIVATE themselves It wasn't coherent, just meant humans cultivate themselves Herder said humans are cultural beings Wherever there is language, material artifact, there's something called culture One singular phenomenon Boas Jewish --> can't become a professor in Germany Marries in USA and moves there Thinks about the Eskimo in terms of culture (cultura) They have a DIFFERENT culture Change from what Herder said The end of an epoch All of later anthro departments in univers
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