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Lecture 18

Lecture 18 - Nov.6th

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ANTH 227
Tobias Rees

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Strathern Humans don't exist on their own - they need some sort of relationship, with the human network Melanesians don't conceive of objects and persons as independent entities The idea that there is some independent being, not related to nature or culture, does not exist over there (e.g. like a god) They're fractile (bits and parts put together) not fragmented The person who gives does not exist before they give and the relationship that occurs with this giving People only acquire their identities from the relationships in which they participate Legal/Existential dimension Beyond volition Beyond something you want Certain relations allow you to exist in a particular way What if humans were like onions - relations are peels, and without peels, humans are gone (onions don't have core) Historial digression Idea that humans are not individuals isn't old Beginning of Renaissance --> each being is singular/unique from others This uniqueness is shown by the emergence of portraits that are REALISTIC and show the people's true physical features Introspection - interiority - subjectivity Does Strathern believe humans in Melanesia are not individuals? What's her aim? --> To instil a sense of wonder, to provide us with an opportunity to marvel People exist in other ways elsewhere To allow for a difference We need to be open to the new, even if it defies what you already know **The art of posing a question To pose a question in such a way that it is bigger than any possible answer e.g. Culture and nature, can we use these terms A surplus --> a more, a possibility to imagine things otherwise as they are More about Strathern Strathern What is a person? relationality? kinship? IVF? nature/culture? IVF - Louise Brown, 1982 British govt was concerned Warnock Report (Britain), Glover Report (Euro zone), Human Fertilization and Embryology Act It's important to think about how we exist, because these technologies make us rethink of ourselves in new ways - the techno think us People think of specific people in terms of their reference to other persons Individuality is grounded in the notion of physical discreteness Individuality acts as a reference point for personho
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