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Lecture 5

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ANTH 227
Tobias Rees

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Medicine to medicine
3 reasons to the end of the Medicine golden age
Paternalism critique
The need to control doctors or the rise of medical ethics
The re-discovery of the social
McKeown: "is medicine overrated?"
More money should be involved into social justice instead of scientific
The political use of medicine
Medicine is overrated
It's normal to feel pain, be sick, and deal with death
Alienation from existence because of capitalism
"We have invented happiness"
No, no heroes
No suffering, no meaning
Reacts strongly against the paternalism of the "father" generation
Father = war, science, technology, industry, bureaucracy, rationality, sobriety,
New configuration of bodies and selves
Sense of modernity was doubted
No temporal difference
Other forms of medicine came into rational possibilities to the cold hearted medicine
of pre WWII
Western science and medicine are very recent
Is medical knowledge bound to our culture?
Or a political tool invented by the rich to control the many
A mode of surveillance
Human sciences were making medicine even more problematic
e.g. What does it mean to be modern? Are we modern?
Reducing medicine to a form of therapy
Anthropologists were reconsidering other forms of therapy as medicine
Medicine is more than cure
It's expectation and hope
It's social production
It instills a sense of reality
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