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Lecture 6

Lecture 6

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McGill University
ANTH 227
Tobias Rees

Ethnography - Ethnology - Anthropology 1980s Anthropology is independent from ethnos studies History after 1970's Whole person care --> healing instead of cure Arthur Kleiman Canonical texts of medical anthro Mr Medica Anthropology Connected anthropology (studies of living fossils) to medicine Clinical encountered in 1966 Experience of the experience of illnesss Girl who got severely burnt. The burnt skin could not be removed entirely because it would be too painful. Once a week and she'd sit in hot water in wash the burnt skin away: it's painful. His job was to hold her hand and be there One day he asks her how it felt, how she was dealing with the pain "I made contact" and concluded that he was a key to this work "I will argue that the study of the experience of illness has something fundamental to teach us about the human condition" Therefore, the task of the medical anthropologist is to make contact with other human beings To discover, witness, and experience the humanity of the other (which grows in the bodily frailty) Humanity is understood as a shared experience of one another as humans Almost impossible to decide what anthropology is Is it a humanistic medicine? Fieldwork and encounter could learn from anthro (and anthro from fieldwork) Taiwan Joined the US Health service corps to avoid Vietnam Confronted with being away in a different country A young doctor who has to teach people to talk about their sickness Mediocentric bias He is critical of a biological reductionism Anthropology is a supple
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