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Lecture 8

Lecture 8 - Oct.2nd

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ANTH 227
Tobias Rees

Review Block assignment means no weekly assignment Us = westerners, them = non-westerners/primitive societies "them" live in the past and they are in our past development stages Illness = cultural Local Disease = real sickness and natural Western medicine of 60's-70's was about culture - yet another form of therapy No dominant society that can be said to be superior to others Kleinman did not break through the "real thing" and the objective cause of the disease illusion Anthro of medicine Beginning to study western culture as a culture of its own Kleinman says we have illness and disease, where others have only illness (which means they have no sickness, no medicine) Neuroscience permitted to think of new possibilities about how humans lear Same is applicable to social change Body is objective, mind is subjective Human creation, that of separation of nature from culture Only westerners do that, are we the wrong thinkers then? Criticism of Locke and Nancy You can't distinguish body and nature, or disease or illness Slide 22 quote** In order to think about culture, you have to pre-suppose that nature exists Block Assignment Explain Rivers, magic, religion; classical anthro Medicine topic o
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