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Lecture 11

Lecture 11 - Oct.11th

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ANTH 227
Tobias Rees

Review Slide 1-20 Suffering is humane as it is subjective and requires morality to determine its intensity The close link between medicine and moral experience (Kleinman!!) Injury vs suffering Nothing new said Veena Das Chapter 1 Partition of India 1947 Separation of Indian colony into a Muslim country and an Hindi country The muslims that were in hindi territory were forced to move and vice versa Cause of great stress and thousands of deaths How did the violence against women affect society and the community Chapter 2 Violence against women "The language of pain becomes textual bodies" The aim of the article is to find a language through which one could understand the women's pain There is an experience of violence which puts the girl in a strange place You cannot understand the intersubjectivity of her life Some realities need to be fictionalized before they can be apprehended Meaning: the social sciences don't provide her with a language for that pain 1 text Wittgenstein "If you close your eyes you can touch the pain" Pain is not expressible in words It's private The Indian women are thus locked in their pain Das looks for a way out of this predicament Language is not the spoken language One must embody the words Das says that "your body, which my pain can inhabit, at least for that moment when I close my
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