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Lecture 13

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McGill University
ANTH 227
Tobias Rees

Joao Biehl Professor at Princeton Brazilian anthropologist Work done in a city named Vita The goal of his fieldwork is to allow us to see Visibility to him means to depict (not describe) Depiction allows for human recognition Thus ethnography is a moral practice "Vita is the name for a life that is socially dead, a destiny of death that is collective. These abandonados in Vita are the carriers and witness of the ways in which the social destinies of the poorest and the sickest are ordered." Social death The abandonados (the people that have AIDS) are discarded from human community NB. Biehl's work is not focused on society - it's focused on the people he encounters at places like Vita ANTHROPOLOGY IN A SPACE OF DEATH Structural adjustment What produces the social death As long as you have property, you are a singular being - you have something to your name The exclusion is not on the level of language primarily It's social death, exclusion from human community He relates to the inhabitants of Vita as a kind of primitive philosopher "I hear that moral thinking is to account for the forgetfulness of the various human conditions" He focuses on the other He reconstitute the other's reason, whom by exclusion from the company of Man, has become unreasonable An anthro of reason Practices the love of anthropology Ethnography is a moral deed to him Used photography to highlight the singularity of
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