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Lecture 16

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ANTH 227
Tobias Rees

Article that was posted on online discussion board 2 mothers + 1 dad = 1 child Question of biology and question of morals The question of ethics isn't important at the moment Eradicates mitochondrial disease Consequences Kinship is a category of thought Schneider's work said that Americans said it was a question of bloodine Kinship orders your genetic make up as you Observations Kinship is not a universal category People organize their world differently A cultural idea Not a cognitive principle Past, present; it could be different Will be referred to many times today Central Australia example Women are bearers of children One day the child will leave because to him the mother is nothing but his ex-womb/bearer Principle of kinship = dichotomy of nature and culture What is nature? What is culture? Nature: independent of humans, not a product of humans, beyond human volition Culture: a human invention, the space that sets human apart from animals, anything that doesn't happen by nature Aristotle: things are MADE by humans/men, but the idea of that invention is already present in nature The concept of nature does not need the concept of culture to make sense But culture needs nature Thus culture only gains sense in the presence of nature Kinship grounds in the facts of nature (Strathern) (slide 25) Kinship also grounds in the facts of culture How people organize the facts of nature alters across time and space (Schneider's study)
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