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ANTH 227
Tobias Rees

ANTH 227Introduction to the Anthropology of MedicineInstructor Tobias ReesEmail tobiasreesmcgillcaOffice hours Mondays 300400 pmSKIP B3 longest block AIM The aim of this class is to introduce students to one of the most exciting and fastest growing domains of anthropology the anthropology of medicine To be more precise the class is designed to make participants familiar with the various ways in which over the last forty years anthropologists have come to study medicineWe begin by asking Why in the 1970s did anthropologist begin to turn toward medicine What was it that made medicine a challengea curiosityfor anthropologists How did they address this curiositychallenge Ie how did they seek to bring medicine into an anthropological fieldworkbased focus What did they hope to find out What did they actually discover We will further ask Was the anthropology of medicine initially a coherent field If yes then when why and how did it diverge If no then how did the initial approaches differ And how did these approaches develop into the diverse approaches we know today By way of addressing these questions we will work towards an inventory of scripts the anthropology of medicine has produced and relied on At the end of the class each participant should be able to name these scripts to link them to their inventors and to narrate the history and the historical circumstances of their emergence this entails the explanation of how a particular script relates to or departs from other ones
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