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Lecture 19

EAST 211 Lecture 19: EAST211_lec19_Nov14

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Asian Language & Literature
EAST 211
Rebecca Robinson

Monday, Nov 14 2016 1 of 5 EAST 211 Moralizing reform: the new life movement, the Nanjing decade and the early CCP Terms • May fourth Movement • New life movement • the long march Post Qing • Fragmentation • discussion on what China’s role in the world Duan Qirui • 1865-1916 • Primer 1916 • argued that china need to take a bigger role • should join Britian and France against Germany, so they could take back Shandong • They had lots of man power • Allies used the Chinese use them for non-combat roles which freed up european man to combat • Non-combat: face lots of discrimination - phrase books, discriminatory ways they spoke to the Chinese - 96 thousand Chinese in Europe • Nov 11, 1918, Chinese hoped they would have reward • France, British and Japan had a secret agreement: Japanese got the german concession rather than the Chinese • Mass protests, Chinese were furious • Treaty of versailles were never signed by China May 4th Movement • Protest the shandong Settlement • Awaken the masses to China’s flight • mass meetings for people of beijing • formation of beijing student union • demonstration to protest the Versatile treaty • 3 thousand students gathered at tianan men and marched • handed out pamphlets and explaining to people what happened • some violence and rioting, wasn't very violent • Significance: spread ideas of china’s future - spread outside of the big cities - student strikes in other cities - labours in shanghai went in strike - chinese nationalism and ideas of the future were spreading • Primarily urban people were effected but spread beyond • Chinese began to pay attention to marxism - Bolshevik revolution Lu Xun • Father of modern Chinese literature Monday, Nov 14 2016 2 of 5 • Chinese spirit need to be healed, though culture than science • turn away form medicine, and devote himself to literature • strong advocate for language reform - People should learn how to write vernacular Chinese • never joined a particular party, he leaned towards communist • satire stories, point out cultural backwardness and moral issues AMadman’s Diary • Cannibalism as metaphor for feudalism - people at the top of the feudalistic society feed off of the individuals below them - hopes the masses would understand him • insanity or sanity ? - mad men is insane - only able to recognize that insane society is • Lu Xun wanted to wake up the Chinese people, the cultural heritage was stagnant warlong era 1916-1928 • China is completely divided • shifting powers and alliances • Central government didn’t really have real control other than ebijing • Guo min dang were technically in charge Birth for the CCP • Li Dazhao and the Marxist Research society at Beijing University • Early Comintern involvement • Chen Duxiu and The Communist Manifesto • publication of journals • Soviet union becomes more and more popular in China • Bolshevik canceled the boxer limitations: made them more friendly to china • Early Marxist: reformulate basic marxist concepts Marxist modes of production • needs stages to become communist • Feudal Society- Land tenure • Capitalist society - mercantilism, division between Bourgeois and Proletariat • Socialist Society - Beginnings of collectivization • Communist society - reign of the commons, withering away of the state • at this time, China was still at Feudal society • aim to promote Communism around the world • 1920, Chen duxiu set up a small group of people to set up aa communist party Three principles of people • Nationalism - independence from imperial domination - china must develop china nationalism vs. ethnic nationalism Monday, Nov 14 2016 3 of 5 - unite all ethnicities of china • People’s Livelihood - social welfare program - socialism between capitalism - critique os inadequacies in both • Republicanism
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