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Lecture 12

EAST 211 Lecture 12: EAST211_lec12_Oct24

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Asian Language & Literature
EAST 211
Rebecca Robinson

Mon, Oct 24 2016 1 of 3 EAST 211 Week 9 Lecture 1 Pax mongolica China in the 13th Century World Terms • Gunpowder • Kuala Khan • Pan Mongolina Military Technology • Gunpowder and hut weapons - developed in alchemical practice - Down during the Tang - First Formula recorded in next form 1044 - wasn't explosive a burning agent - a gunpowder revolution • Siege engines - development of catapults • Naval Technology • Song is constantly trying to innovate and keep up with the north • shortly after the Mongol conquest, gunpowder spreads to the west Mongols and 12th Century China • Rise of the mongols • conquered most of eurasia, first time a group of outsiders conquer china • group of self sufficient nomads • tribal, non unified, - Gengshi/ Chingis Khan 1167- 1227 • The mean temperature dropped, cooler temperatures, less grass, has to find other pastures • united by one man genghis khan, attain his status at a young age - 1206, assumed leader of all the tribes - succeeded by his son after he died • organized for war - all men participated in hunts and battles - women stayed and took care of flocks could ride horses and did not foot bind - kept people united under a ruler • 1264 divided into 4 quadrants • Kublai Khan 1214-1294 - claimed emperor in china, proclaimed yuan • style of fighting, organized for warfare - each solider has several horses and could ride for 3 days without stopping - recruit soldiers from places they concurred - violent and would utterly destroy a city - cites would surrender • never really had experience governing society Mon, Oct 24 2016 2 of 3 - Beijing as capital - not like the south that put culture above all else Administration • dual a
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