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Lecture 16

EAST 211 Lecture 16: EAST211_lec16_Nov7

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Asian Language & Literature
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EAST 211
Rebecca Robinson

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Monday, Nov 7 2016 1 of 3 EAST 211 Terms • Examination culture in Qing China • Elite culture • art in the Qing • Culture clashes China’s Examination Hell • Examination system primary means of recruitment to civil service • Reinforced perception of early Qing rulers as Confucian • Quota system- only a small number of candidates could pass - number of people taking the exam goes up every year - small number of people passing and declines every year • Gambling examinations - last serval days - require memorization and pressure • day in the life of exam candidate - examiners were told were to go the last possible minute to avoid cheating - given local assistance - each capital there were examination compound - cluster of single cells 1 men - 3 pieces of wood: bench, table, holder - prison without bars - 3 days and two nights in this cell to complete test - 1 entrance: great gate - places set up for water - labours would bring water - deposit their human waste at the end of the lane - exam begins early the next morning - 3 question on the four books - poetry composition - many who attend the exam were elite and not used to this hardship - canon indicated the exam was over the next day - exam accepted, given exit pass - 2nd set again 5 questions on confucian classics - non recognized hand writing marketing • student status, attend government school • most of the exams were open to everyone but only men • restrictions - base occupation in the last 3 generations would be not allowed for the exam - they need get a friend to prove • The elites dominated because it was expensive to prepare • several levels of exams • Provincial exam: once every three years - 3 parts - best weather in September mild time of year Monday, Nov 7 2016 2 of 3 • reproduce they had to write things bout the first exam, to prove they are the same person • 3rd session: 1 essay, critique on past or present government policies - answer implied within the question • limited passes • the first got lots of prestige • legal advice - not lawyer but they study it Art at Court • Many artists employed by the court • Cinseppe Castiglione Lang Shiming - Jesuit painter - introduced western styles to chinese painting - trained as a paint of religious subjects - most successful of all the other missionaries - pleasing to the imperial taste - adapted western conditions - depicted emperor trave
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