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Lecture 1

EAST 211 Lecture 1: EAST211_Lec1_Sept7

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Asian Language & Literature
EAST 211
Rebecca Robinson

Wednesday, Sept 7th 1 of 3 EAST 211 Dagon Spo▯ng in China: Different Times Different Places Dagon Spotting in China: Different Times Different Places • The Steppe Region • The Snow region • The Yellow river • The Dynasty cycle Lecture outline • Why Dragons ? • Destabilizing china • 1. language & romanization • 2. Physical & human • 3. History & time Dragons • Belief in dragon is real back in the imperial time • challenges: recognize if we live in china in the pre modern time; would acknowledge that they are real • concept of the mandate of heaven - legitimating philosophy - emperor - dragons are double edge sword • Mongols’s Chinese subject When is China • Now? or other period in history • 5000 years of un interrupted history and the yellow emperor - 2600 BCE; no historical data - never existed • uninterrupted dynamic history 221 BEC-1911CE - dynasty changes Dynasty • family who retained the emperor • convenient fiction a given family given to rule History of Outsiders • 康熙 China • Very complex • language Wednesday, Sept 7th 2 of 3 • geography • sense of history Language and Romanization • very diverse; different dialects • powerful tool for political unity • Pinyin vs Wade-Giles China - Nation state - “Greater China” - The Chinese diaspora: China on the Move - The Tribute system and the sinic cultural world - geographical, geopolitical or cultural Geography: what is China in Chinese - political divisions - marco regions - 9 different areas; river drainage basin - steppe and sown - The Steppe region - originally non-chinese regions - northern and western sections - thinly scared populars; nomadic
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