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Lecture 3

EAST 211 Lecture 3: EAST211_Lec3_Sept14

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Asian Language & Literature
EAST 211
Rebecca Robinson

Wed, Sept 14th, 2016 1 of 2 EAST 221 Week 2 Lecture 3 Notes on Documentary Origins of Li and Yue - Zhou Dynasty • Li and Yue • distinctions between rich and poor - discoveries of tombs • poetry found marked the social status of their owners • jade objects for religious use and tradition/celebration use - there were significant development for cultural ceremonies • Stone Qing - percussion instrument; used for ceremony purposes • Oct 2012 - discoveries of a sight similar to battle field, with many rocks not for settlement use - called ancient kingdom - largest religious sight - 4000 years ago Xia dynasty • Humanistic thoughts began after Xia, Li and Yue began to develop and influence politics • Bronze Drum - commemorate King wu - nation governed under culture of worship of ancestors and past - connect with heavens • western zhou - Created many states - social, religious, political and economic rules were created to government every section (Zhou) - realized that Shang lost the past of the people ‣ zhou used such; li and yue system ‣ reminded people that they belonged to a social system and code they need to follow vague concept, divided in certain manners and guide people to become more rational and virtuous ‣ ‣ people were very polite on the street • Shang fell to zhou - yu and rui lands in the boundary - fertile soils available - went they went to Zhou they realized that they were in shame because the Zhou were really polite “mannerful” • Bonze objects were used in ceremonies and rituals and set by social class - rituals book have specific numbers of such objects per social status - highlight royal status etc. • Music - educate people; harmonious life; lessen disputes - palace musi
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