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Atmospheric & Oceanic Sciences
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ATOC 181
Vamsy Chodavarapu

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ATOC 181 Assignments #4 1. The rising or setting sun appears elliptical due to the refraction of light by the atmosphere. The atmosphere bends the rays from a rising or setting sun because light rays from the lower part of the sun are bent more than those form the upper part so the sun appears elliptical. The reason that the rising and setting sun appears orange and red because as the sun is closer the horizon, the sunlight must pass through a thicker atmosphere which increases the light from interacting with air molecules causing the shorter wavelengths of visible light to be scattered away through Rayleigh scattering leaving behind colors with longer wavelengths such as yellow, orange, and red. However in the case when the atmosphere contains many fine particles with diameters little larger than air molecules, the slightly shorter wavelengths such as yellow are also scattered away leaving orange and red which is color the sun appears in. In another phenomenon where the atmosphere becomes loaded with particles that are even a bit larger, only the longest wavelengths which is red is able to penetrate through Mie scattering which creates a red sun. 2. Answer attached in the back. 3. Typical weather conditions associated with a cold front relating to wind direction is that before passing winds blow south or southwest, while passing winds are gusty and shifting so after passing winds blow west or northwest. The clouds that exist before the passage of a cold front are usually cirrus, cirrostratus. During the front passage clouds such towering cumulus (cumulus congestus) or cumulonimbus exist and after passage when the ground. After the cold front passes cumulus and stratocumulus clouds appear after the ground is warmer. Precipitation before the cold front passes is usually short periods of showers and while it is passing its heavy showers of rain or snow sometimes with hail, thunder and lightning and after the cold front passes the
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