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McGill University
Atmospheric & Oceanic Sciences
ATOC 184
Eyad Atallah

Introduction: Temperatures for the year: Purple: below normal Red: above normal – high about 4-5 degrees Celsius for the year We consider 1-2 degrees over the course of the year to be significant. A lot of the anomalies are over North America. There are more increases in temperature than decrease (more green-red than blue-purple). US national ranking: January-November 2012 was warmest year on record in the United States. US regional ranking: 60% of the country experienced warmest temperature on record. About 85% of the country was very warm. Idaho, Washington, British Columbia and other regions were not impacted as much. Temperature in winter: In Africa, temperatures were well below normal. Most of this anomaly came from a 3- week period, where it was so cold that the signal of this cold period is still seen when averaged out over a 3-month period. In Canada, winter was non-existent (warm temperatures, not much snow fall) People played golf in Winnipeg because the heat was over an extended period of time Temperature in spring: Cold areas disappear Part of heat wave in March Summer in March (2012): 8-15 March 2012 had temperatures up to 15 degrees Celsius above normal. Summer in March (2012): - Western Head, Nova Scotia (22 March): 29.2°C - 3rd warmest temperature ever recorded in Canada in March - Top 2 31.1°C at Alberini Beaver Creek, BC (29 March 1926) 29.4°C on 21 March 1921 at Wallaceburg, ON - Shattered Records (Ontario) Toronto 26.0˚C (22 March): 18.3˚C, 1976 Windsor 28.4˚C (21 March): 19.4˚C, 1976 Ottawa 27.4˚C (21 March): 14.6˚C, 19
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