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Atmospheric & Oceanic Sciences
ATOC 184
Eyad Atallah

ATOC-184 Science of Storms Lecture Notes Class 1: January 8 Temperaturesfor the year Temperature for the Year What do you notice about this temperature ma p?  Temperature map: Green-redtemperatures above normal Blue-blacktemperatures below normal  For any given year, when we look at temperature differences for normal, for the most part, we would see most of the globe either normal or above, and small portions of the globe below normal. USregional rankin g US National Ranking  2012 was the warmest year on record (as far as the US is concerned)  About 85% of the country was very warm, 60-70% had the warmest temperatures on record  The only region that was only kind of above normal was the Pacific Northwest Tem peraturesfor Winter Temperatures for Winter  Temperatures in Asia and Africa were well below normal  This is an average for 3 months  Most of this anomaly came from about a 3-week period, so you can see how cold it was when you average it for 3 months  Really cold winds blowing over relatively warm waters of Mediterranean, which led to all sorts of precipitation (snow) in higher elevations (Algeria, Morocco, Libya)  On our side, winter was close to nonexistent (no snowfall, temperatures above normal) Tem peraturesfor S p ring Temperatures for Spring  Cold areas disappear  You can see center of warmth over central US, which extends over to northeast (heat wave in March) Summer In March 8-15 March 2012 !"#$%&'(() * !*(  From March 8-15, temperatures were about 15 degrees above normal  3 warmest temperature ever recorded in Canada in March Tem peraturesinS um m er Temperatures in Summer  Heat wave continued into summer  Most of Northern Hemisphere was warmer than normal Hurricane Sandy  Estimates for damage about 63 billion dollars  2 costliest hurricane in US history (Katrina was in 120-200 billion dollars)  The thing that was unique about Sandy was how large it was, and how long people had to put up with conditions that were near hurricane force  Slide: Sea Ice  Because of Sandy we once again broke our record low of sea ice in the northern hemisphere  The really warm temperatures of spring and summer led to a depletion of sea ice in the north 2010 Russian Heat Waves/Fires ! B= - '> - &$5#'- a'%"0- %*'5")$'[email protected] &"_")% EX'[email protected] K96' ! ROOO]'HA EE"*' ! bCS'GA EEA- &'&'*)> )K"' !
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