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Biology (Agric & Envir Sc)
AEBI 210
Jaswinder Singh

Organisms 1- AEBI-210 001 October 10th, 2012 Roots Root Function: Anchoring the plant Taking in water, nutrients and minerals and storing nutrients Controlling hormones Defending and propagating the plant Root Systems: Very large plants have both shallow and deep roots -Shallow roots are very active, since most of the biological activity occurs in shallow soil -Deeper roots take up water and minerals from deep within the ground Taproots grow downward while lateral roots develop -Sometimes the initial taproot dies off and is replaced by fibrous roots Fibrous root systems help to prevent soil erosion Root Structure: Root tips are apical meristems -Root cap penetrates the soil and secretes mucigel, and is the site for gravitropism -In the zone of cell division, mitosis occurs -In the zone of cell elongation cells expand -In the zone of maturation, cells differentiate for different functions Epidermis absorbs water and minerals -Root hairs
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