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McGill University
Biology (Agric & Envir Sc)
AEBI 210
Jaswinder Singh

Organisms 1- AEBI-210 001 October 17th, 2012 Transpiration Transporting Water: Root hairs take in water from the soil to the plant xylem Water moves up the stem by capillary action in the xylem Leaf veins transport water to pallisade cells for photosynthesis Stomata allow 90% of the water to be released, while 10% is lost through the cuticle Forces in Transpiration: Root pressure promotes water uptake Transpiration pull sucks water upwards Capillary action pushes water upwards because of cohesion and adhesion Air bubbles prevent water from passing to the next element Rate of Transpiration: CO2 enters the membrane in solution, so leaf surfaces must be kept wet Water is always evaporating, so transpiration must occur Temperature rise increases the rate of transpiration and photosynthesis Humidity rise decreases the rate Air currents increase the rate Stomata: Stomata control gas exchange with the environment Open or close according to temperature, humidity, [CO2] and light Turgor pres
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