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Biology (Agric & Envir Sc)
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AEBI 210
Jaswinder Singh

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Organisms 1- AEBI-210 001 October 24th, 2012 Plant Hormones Overview: Hormones are produced in one plant of the plant and transported to others They cause physiological or developmental changes (stimulatory or inhibitory) Hormones are organic compounds, and produced in low concentrations Classes: Auxins -Found in apical meristems and young leaves and fruits -Transported unidirectionally towards the base of roots and shoots -Play a role in vascular tissue differentiation and leaf arrangement -Promote formation of lateral and adventitious roots and fruit, and root branching -Inhibit the growth of lateral buds to promote apical dominance -Produce chemical signals to communicate over long distances -Synthetic auxins are used as herbicides Cytokinins -Promote cell division in roots and lateral shoots -Inhibit root branching -Move non-polarly in xylem, phloem and parenchyma cells -Found in angiosperms, gymnosperms, mosses and ferns -Used
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