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Biology (Sci)
BIOL 101
Rudiger Krahe

Lecture 1 Notes Earth 4.5 bilion, life 3.8 Metabolism – all the chemical reactions that go on inside a cell Cyanobacteria – Photosynthetic prokaryotes that introduced oxygen to the earth’s atmosphere Ozone layer formed 800 million years ago from accumulation of O2, gave UV protection Chemical evolution… Miller-Urey Experiment: H, NH3, CH4, H2O in atmosphere and zapped with lightning Ribozymes – Catalytic RNA Condensation Reaction – Putting monomers into polymers 1. Solid mineral surfaces, silicates are catalytic 2. Hydrothermal vents, contain metals, the metals are shown to catalyze polymerization of amino acids 3. Hot pools at edge of ocean, through evaporation, have many concentrated monomers, so polymerization was favoured Spontaneous Generation – the idea that life arose from inanimate or decaying matter Stromatolites – Rocklike structures formed by cyanobacteria, preserved in fossils PRECAMBIAN 4.5BYA – 600MYA  3.8 BYA O2 first appears in atmosphere. ORIGIN OF LIFE. PROKARYOTES FLOURISH  1.5 BYA O2 level at >1% of current. EUKARYOTES EVOLVE.  600 MYA O2 level at >5% of current level PALEOZOIC 542 MYA – 297MYA  CAMBRIAN – 542 MYA O2 approach current levels. Most animal phyla present; divers
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