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Lecture 3

Lecture 3 - Diversity of Life and Prokaryotes

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McGill University
Biology (Sci)
BIOL 111
Irene Gregory- Eaves

Lecture 3Diversity of Life and ProkaryotesProkaryotes first arose in the Precambrian EraDiversitywhat is it how it is measured and which group is most diverseWhat is diversity1Genetic Variation differences within a species2Species composition 3Interactions within and between ecosystemsSpecies diversityReserved for indices that measure both the number of species in a habitat as well as their relative abundancesDiverse environments are on the whole better than nondiverse environments15 million species are NAMED About 13000 new species found a year 3000 of these are synonyms described already but not confirmed50000 tree species160 species of insects unique to a tree screw it there could not be an exact value or one t
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