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Evolution of Land Plants

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Biology (Sci)
BIOL 111
Irene Gregory- Eaves

150911 Evolution of Land PlantsPlants moved from water to landWater is denser and more viscose than air so takes less energy to more around inStructural changes in plants to assure success of reproduction in air Challenge In Water In Air 1 Gamete transfer Gametes released in water Gametes must be protected able to unite easily water is a and transfer must be conduit facilitatedgamete retained in mother plant 2 Dehydration Cannot happen surrounded Dehydration of body can by water occur processes occur in solutionwaxy covering cuticle 3 Support Water provides buoyancy Plants must support itself supports plant 4 Nutrient Nutrients and water provided Evolution of roots shoots acquisition by water around it stomata vascular system to distribute nutrients 5 Li
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