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Biology (Sci)
BIOL 111

Bio 111 Alanna Houston September 25, 2007 PLANTS - Advanced green algae are ancestors of plants o All green algae have:  Photosynthesis with chlorophyll a,b  Cellulose cell walls  Haplodiploid – haploid dominant o Pair of advanced groups jointly have:  Multicellular thallus growth form  Antheridium and oogonium protect gametes  Sporophyte (diploid) is • Single celled • Matrotrophic (= mother eating) nd o 2 picture on this slide: open cell on the left is a reproductive organ. The big circle in the middle is the diploid stage (living on a haploid – matrotrophic) The new haploid organism looks like the first picture. o o Bottom picture is the female reproductive organ (top) and male reproductive organ (bottom) - Onto land o Freshwater algae o Lived in ponds that dried out periodically o Evolved ability to stay active during dry periods Bio 111 Alanna Houston o Challenges for moving onto land:  Resisting gravity  Dealing with UV  Can’t swim  Nutrients don’t circulate  Light changes colour  Drying out - Liverworts: - like advanced algae o thallus o haploid dominant (sporophyte – diploid – matrotrophic) o Gametes flagellate and require water to swim (similar to amphibians) - but different o Cuticle (waxy coating on surface allows retention of water o Rhizoid (= quasi root) o Sporophyte multicelled o Oogonium – archegonium (truly distinct sterile jackets) o Gemma cups for asexual reproduction o Mosses: Bio 111 Alanna Houston - Still needs water to reproduce o Low mat growth form (3-10 cm) - Add o More complex sporophyte (capsule + operculum (lid))  Still matrotrophic o Stomata o Advanced mosses have a vascular system  Different structure than vascular plants - Bryophytes (= moss plant) includes liverworts, hornworts, mosses - Vasculature – tracheids: - Able to transport water and nutrients - Formed from cell that lays down strong cell wall with pits then dies o Water flows through where cytoplasm was - Very early on added lignin to wall giving stiffness for support - Early Vascular Plants: - All now extinct o Don’t know life cycles
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