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Biology (Sci)
BIOL 112
Joseph Dent

BIOL 112Winter 2011Lab 1 SummarySafety in the labLab coats and safety goggles with side shields should be worn in the lab at all timesNo contact lensesMaterial Safety Data Sheets MSDS available for chemicals used in lab exercisesHeadings probably dont need to know this but just in case product information information on the preparation of the MSDS hazardous ingredients physical data fire and explosion hazards reactivity data toxicological properties preventive measures first aid measuresClasses same as the above compressed gas flammable and combustible material oxidizing material poisonous and infectious material divisions 1 immediate toxic effects 2 other toxic effects and 3 biohazardous infectious materials corrosive material and dangerously reactive materialThe compound microscopeAllows us to see at the level of micrometres instead of millimetresMicroscopes are expensive instruments so dont say use them as makeshift baseball batsThey arent really suited for hitting home runs anywayThe one we use in this lab is called the Zeiss compound microscopeParts of a microscope10x eyepieces mounted on the binocular head differences between left and right eyepiece can be adjusted by the dioptry adjustment collar on the left eyepieceBody tube where the image is formed leading to the revolving nosepiece where the four objective lenses are mountedscanning objective 32xlow power objective 10xhigh power objective 40xoil immersion objective 100x requires the cover slide to be immersed in oil with the tip of the objective submerged in the oil as wellMechanical stage that holds the slide against a metal frame the slide and the stage can be moved using the stage movement knobsCondenser that converges light rays coming from the light source two lensesmain lens the main lensfront top lens smaller use only for the 10x 40x 100x objectives tilt it down for the scanning objectiveCondenser diaphragm controls the amount of light that reaches condenserIlluminator in base of microscope intensity controlled by a knob on the baseField diaphragm for adjusting the amount of light coming from the illuminatorIts a good idea to focus and centre on the slide using low power before switching to high powerThe coarse and fine knobs should be used for the 32x and 10x objectives for the higher power objectives use only the fine focus kobUsing the coarse focus knob with the high power objectives may cause the objective to hit and break the coverslide lolTotal magnification formula magnification of eyepiece x magnification of objective x magnification of binocular tubeOil immersion place a small drop of oil on the coverslide start with 40x focus on the specimen fine focus only obviouslyAfterwards wipe the objective lens with a dry Kimwipe and the slide with a Kimwipe with a dab of Slide BriteWet mounts put some water on top of the specimen cover with a cover slide try to get no air bubblesCan use 32x andor 10x to find then view on 40xExamination of plant cellsHopefully you know what cells and tissues and organs are by now so I wont go into thatElodea leaf first examine then stain with iodine and examine againElodea freshwater plant important in lake ecosystems blah blahView on 10x then 40xMay be able to view cytoplasmic streaming chloroplasts moving around the cellDraw the iodine through the leafplace a drop at one side of the coverslide place a Kimwipe on the other sideThe iodine solution will then magically travel to the other side as if it were irresistibly attracted to the Kimwipe or somethingThe iodine solution kills the leaf lol but you will be able to see pyrenoids starchcontaining bodies more clearly
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