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Lecture 5

DENT LECTURE 5 Discovery and Replication of DNA.pdf

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Biology (Sci)
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BIOL 112
Lucy- Ann Joseph

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DENT LECTURE 5 Discovery and Replication of DNAPurify a gene1A method ofisolating cellcomponents2An assayfor genetic materialnessAssay a way of measuring somethingHow to purify DNAGrind up your favorite organismExtract lipids and proteins with organic solvent eg phenolPrecipitate with ethanolAssay for genetic materialFredrick Griffith and the transforming principleR bacteria acquired the heritable characteristics of S bacteria that is the genetic material transferred from S to RThe live R take up the genetic material and become the live SOswald Avery uses Griffiths assay to identify the transforming principleDNA is the substance that is able to convert R to SDNA is the transforming principle or the genetic materialDoes DNA work in other organisms Yes it works in HersheyChase Experimentviruses tooLabel protein with radioactive sulphur and DNA with radioactive phosphateThey took a virus that consist of a DNA core surrounded by a protein coat and radioa
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