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Lecture 7

DENT LECTURE 7 Transcription, Translation and Mutation.pdf

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Biology (Sci)
BIOL 112
Lucy- Ann Joseph

DENT LECTURE 7 Transcription Translation and MutationHow genotype converted into phenotype from DNAWhere are the genes Where do they start and end Which strand are they onOne DNA strand has same sequence as the mRNA The other strand acts as the template for transcriptionSensecoding strand vs antisensetemplate strandThe two strands dont make the same RNA therefore they make different proteinsThe RNA polymerase binds to a DNA sequence upstream of the transcript called the PromoterMost common sequence in eukaryotes TATAThe threeframe problemCoding regions always begin with methionine AUG The first methionine in the mRNA determines the start of translation and the reading frame BIOL Page 1
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