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Lecture 8

DENT LECTURE 8 Viral and Bacterial Genetics.pdf

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McGill University
Biology (Sci)
BIOL 112
Lucy- Ann Joseph

DENT LECTURE 8 Viral and Bacterial GeneticsViruses first discovered by Dmitri Ivanovsky He tried to figure out the tobacco mosaic virus Something smaller than a bacteria that reproduces itself does not dilute like chemicalsVirus ClassificationHost specificiy and pathologyGenetic material RNA or DNASize and shape electrom microscopyViruses uses a variety of genetic materialSingledouble stranded DNASingledouble stranded RNACircular or linearBacteriophages infect bacteriaPhages have genes and promoters that control the transcription of the genes a way polymerases know where genes arePhage RNA polymerase to make genes and controls the sequence of the transcribed genesMake proteins that goes and sit on another promoter that are used to transcribeanother gene needed for later to make a new virus and proteins necessary to lyse the cellPhages can recombine new genomes and produce new genotypes BIOL Page 1
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